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  • Ignite X 11 months ago

    it didn't work but thanks

  • Kemii Kemii 11 months ago

    Thanks !! yess bro you a so GOD ! <3

  • ackerat0r 11 months ago

    Lol i dont have credit card,maybe ill ask mom or dad

  • Zoro 11 months ago

    not fucking helpful

  • Ardelean Ionut 11 months ago

    Help meee i take this messege Your billing address associated with your credit card must be a verified United States address to get access to Twitch Prime. Click here for help.

  • agray 407 11 months ago

    Dang I’ve been trying for hours

  • Fras3r 11 months ago

    Problem! You know when it’s supposed to say “loot aquired” or something, well for me it just gives me instruction to claim the loot on twitch even tho i already did, please help.

  • huyen pham 11 months ago

    Thanks for the help

  • SkareZZ Jez 11 months ago

    Nice vids bruv

  • F1R3 FRESH 11 months ago

    i have a problem when i put the pass its says pass incorect

  • Tom 11 months ago

    No help at all really, I enter my PSN account details then it says ‘create your PlayStation network profile’ and to enter my online ID, when I enter my online ID it says it’s already taken, wtf? Please help.

  • NerdGaming 11 months ago

    Thanks for showing me how to do this! Your the best!!!

  • Rextery 11 months ago

    Cool skins ❤

  • Noah Waldersløff 11 months ago

    i dosent get anything to my locker help me please!?

  • Mo3GgeZza ْ 11 months ago

    I have problem using ps4 i did all of that but it didn't work it told me that loot aquard but when i go to fortnite there is no skins i have Qatar store and my freind has US store and he told me that it's from my store how can i solve this problem hope you read it ❤

  • IfeakaGotThis L 11 months ago


  • koua xiong 11 months ago

    but i dont live in those countrys?

  • koua xiong 11 months ago

    ok pls help i live in australia it says oh no cant enable twitch prime and it when its says you got it boss then its says oh no like that

  • koua xiong 11 months ago

    i think u deserve 1 mill subs actural u do

  • Voltic 11 months ago

    – Hopefully this resolves some issues to those who are having trouble!
    • If you're seeing the "Can't Enable Twitch Prime on your Account" error, here's some info which may help. More
    • Encountering "Epic Games Account is linked to another Twitch Account"? Have you changed your Twitch name?
    Here's some info:
    • Last advice try contacting Twitch/Epic Support if nothing above helps!
    – If your someone who wants a insane step by step video here or if your under the 14 then this is for you

  • Gh Gh 11 months ago

    Ur account has already been linked or associated with another epic games …. plz HELP ME

  • Bernard Bretagne 11 months ago

    I did it and it said loot acquired but I still don't have them anyone know why

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