Follower and Subscriber Alert Setup Tutorial for Hitbox and Twitch with OBS- Live Streaming 101 #3

Hello Friends,

Live Streaming 101#3 – Follower and Subscriber Alert Tutorial – P4wnyhof Talks [Eng]

Awesome to have you here and iam going to help you today with the setup of your follower and subscriber alert!

You can customize it and add nice pictures and gifs.

Download it here it is completly free and helped me over the year immense:

I can just advice you to use it! It is awesome how people react on seeing their names and hear their sounds.

If you dont have it by now! GET IT!

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  • DatAvsGamer 5 years ago

    I have a GIF and sounds that are supposed to show up whenever I get a new follower. But it's not working
    Any help would be appreciated

  • krem1906 5 years ago

    How to make green color disapper ?

  • Yevhen Hashishi 5 years ago

    So young here 🙂 p4why the best )

  • Con flict 5 years ago

    link is completely dead now :/

  • Legendary Geek1 5 years ago

    Since this is a local program, I assume this needs to be on the same machine as the streaming machine. Is there a cloud version? Also if one multistreams to both Hitbox and Twitch, can you set for both at once?

  • Burger 5 years ago

    good tutorial. No dawdling and very informative. Thank you very much!

  • MagreloDetonados 5 years ago

    can i put a video in animation ?

  • NetaGamesMan 5 years ago


  • Omer Shimshon 5 years ago

    Where is the link to download the software?

  • Dragonup 5 years ago

    could you help me ?
    I got red square next to S: …. i haar only music but image wont show up

  • Jonas Vanvolsem 5 years ago

    Live streaming 101 #2 is gone? can only find the 1st, 3th and 4th … 🙁

  • Trinitive HD 5 years ago

    You go really fast in this tutorial , however with rewinding it worked out great

  • Bogdan Sandor 5 years ago

    good job , thank you

  • Hayden Roth 5 years ago

    The main thing I have a problem with, is how annoying after you hit "start" you have that interface that you can't exit out of, and it actually overlaps every single window (the interface where you can see "show session log" and "return to config"). It's extremely annoying having it there, and theres no way around it.

  • Szpaq Dżi 5 years ago

    3 wirs in those files ;/

  • Max Hype 5 years ago

    I have weird problem, I don't have a sound in SubAlerts, when I click Test Animation my overlay will appear correctly but no sound. I have Windows 7 x64 SP1.

  • mywayy 5 years ago

    Hey dude, are you here and can help me?

  • GomezZ25 5 years ago

    I don't know if it is just with me, but when i turn on the sub combos, i can't hear the 1st donation, just the next ones from the combo, so, if you need 2 subs to get the combo on, the 1st will not play… is there anything i can do? when i disable combos, it plays correctly…
    Thanks in advance

  • DA CHAMP 5 years ago

    Nice tutorial man 🙂 Really helpful and clear 😀

  • DebdoTV 5 years ago

    Chrome blockiert den Download also kann ich es nicht downloaden -.- kannst du mir da helfen?

  • FiveMadNess 5 years ago

    umm subalerts has a trojan i scanned it with 360 total security better than bit defender because it runs bit defender engine and it runs a whole bunch of engines like avira anti virus and 360 said there's a trojan in subalerts dont download it. this means if you do have it people can access your private shit at any time

  • MainStream 5 years ago

    whenever i click start it says it requires a authentication to track subs, please generate a access token. what do i do

  • N3jxiom 5 years ago

    Very, veru helpful tutorial! Thank you 🙂

  • ZdobywcyGier LIVE 5 years ago

    Is it possible to run this tool both for twitch and hitbox? I'm thinking about doing multicast so I would like to get followalert from twitch and hitbox.

  • Matt 5 years ago

    when I have it open the little box next to the F turns red and no followers pop up.

  • PsYchDesmon 5 years ago

    Will the ones that are made for still work for hitbox?

  • Laserkilling 5 years ago

    My follower alert turn red instead of green as it is not working, and it says that i should try to reconnect to twitch with the Host configuration. But i have done it several times now and it is still red? Can you maybe help me? 🙂

  • Krzysztof Zwirski 5 years ago

    any idea how to use it on hitbox with xsplit?


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