FL Studio Twitch Stream – Making "Awesome to the max" VIP + Work in Progress Previews

Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/ephixagames

In this session I remix one of my older dubstep songs “Awesome the max” into a hard electro tune. The programs i’m using are FL studio 11 and 12.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ephixa
Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/ephixa
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ephixamusic
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  • Carl On Duty: Black Cops 2 years ago

    Retrospect sounded better then than it does now 🙁

  • Carl On Duty: Black Cops 2 years ago

    Crazy to see how much matches has improved since then

  • MarketVip Sistemas Inteligentes 2 years ago

    Quem é do Brasil dá um Like aí!!!

  • Rusty Neko 2 years ago

    If I ever start mixing first thing I have to do is make a Snoop dog & Matches mashup

  • Trent Pettyjohn 2 years ago

    When you are sik of hearing a track after working on it after so long. The feels.

  • Arkmoni 2 years ago

    Awesome to max's hardstyle kicks was boring. you could have combine with your spire metro bassline notes. then thats would be Awesome to the max!

  • Arkmoni 2 years ago

    Ephixa, you should have released this Awesome to the Max. Why did you change that?? This version cooler than other version.

  • S-81 2 years ago

    i know this is old but why is he blocked from monstercat???

  • Scott Leiker 2 years ago

    is that fucking kygo on your twitch background

  • FR Animatics 2 years ago

    is it just me or is there a pregnancy chart on the other window?

  • Jack Cedeño 2 years ago


  • technofridge 2 years ago


  • Neil Playing Games 2 years ago

    2:33 donkey kong vibes?

  • Lada. 2 years ago

    Has the song @ 2:33:33 ever been released? Or will it be? +DjEphixa

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    gif name?

  • infrared 2 years ago

    To be completely honest, I think everyone on Monstercat in their own right are good artists, old and new. Sure, I'm so much of a fan of Muzzy, his drum and bass is too heavy for my liking. I like Hellberg because I like house and his new style has me hooked, it's bouncy and fun. We all have different opinions, and we all like what we like. I don't think Monstercat is to "mainstream", I just think the sound have evolved and the standards are higher now. Ephixa, whatever makes you happy, keep doing what you do <3

  • classman 2 years ago

    2:25:37 WTF IS SOOOO GOOOD and 2:33:10

  • k m 2 years ago

    holy mother of god what is that at 2:33:50 my skin crawled

  • JixCSGO 2 years ago

    What software do you use to make music as I wanna get into it ty

  • Tomato 2 years ago


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