FINALLY! A Solution To Twitch DMCA (Listen To Any Music)

Want to listen to any music while streaming? Go ahead. This video will show you how to listen to any song you want while streaming, while stream hears any other song you only want them to hear. This tutorial will help your streams be DMCA SAFE so long as your copyrighted music is not playing in OBS! This is not a way to get around the law, and if you play any copyrighted music on stream I am not liable for any actions taken against you. This is simply just a way to route audio into your headphones without your stream hearing the copyrighted music.


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0:00 – Intro
0:54 – Install VoiceMeeter and VB Cable
1:44 – Re-route Desktop Audio
2:12 – Audio Set Up 1
3:57 – Audio Set Up 2
6:00 – Recap


Hardware I Used In This Video!

Canon 80D w/24mm 2.8f
Shure SM7B w/Yamaha MG12XU Mixer
Rode NTG1 Mic
Beyerdynamic DT770 Pros


Download VoiceMeeter and VB Cable for it!

VB Cable Plugin:



  1. i have a question. I use nightbot for the yt music… someone told me to put it in voicemeter on cable b ( VB -Audio Cable B) and u can play and its not on the VOD.. i tested it i even un checked the 2 in obs audio thats the vod for twitch. I have it in voicemeter on A1 and B1 and still u can hear the music in my VOD. When i go to the guy his stream u dont hear it back in his VOD but u can hear it in the stream. And he is using nightbot also. Any tips for me to get this right?

  2. deceptive title for sure – usually has solid content but thats misleading to say the least. of course i can listen to whatever i want while i stream LOL

  3. if you do this can't you then use a music sharing like listening session type service for your chat to join in on you without using twitch? effectively bypassing that entirely? similarly to watch parties, where you have to open the piece of content yourself so its not technically infringing the law? any recommendations for listening session apps?

  4. clickbait.

    This is not a solution for dmca.
    The matter is not to listen to music while you stream, it's to entertain your audience with music you like or you feel that day while you are not in game.

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