Disclosure – HOWARD IS HERE! + Mali Mali Breakdown (Twitch Production Tutorial)

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  • misfit 9 months ago

    Gettin' hot in here – the CIA

  • Ben 9 months ago

    Get up Kilimanjaro you two! That’d be a cool series.

  • Mag Nus 9 months ago

    Glad 12/8 finally got a shout out! When it's 6/8, the main accent is on the 4th beat. In 12/8, it's the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th.

  • winston cat 9 months ago

    Did they ever play Montreux Jazz Festival? They'd be fantastic if not.

  • winston cat 9 months ago

    Wow. this was amazing content.

  • Riro 9 months ago


  • VENUS 9 months ago


  • riainoo 9 months ago

    aw jebus i love this song so much

  • ignaspan 9 months ago

    1:57:40 Miss Hiss track

  • Richard Donallon 9 months ago

    6/8 and 12/8 are relative as discussed in the video. I think 6/8 would be if the exchange between a kick and a clap is over 2 beats so the 6 triplet quavers are broken up in to: "1dum-2cah-3cha-4dum-5cah-6cha" (Like a reggaeton beat) and 1 & 4 are the prominent beat with the clap just before. Whereas 12/8, the kick and clap relationship is over a longer period and would be broken up into "1Dum-2rest-3cah-4cha-5rest-6cah-7Dum-8rest-9cah-10cha-11rest-12cah"….

    This makes sense in my head because i know what it sounds like in my head but I'll leave it here on the off chance anyone else can make sense of it haha

  • Vladislav Maier 9 months ago

    I respect that so much, that they gave their secrets away just like this

  • Jacapo pol 9 months ago


  • Diego T. Yamaguchi 9 months ago

    this guy could literally charge hundreds of dollars to access these as a masterclass and instead we get EVERYTHING the ENTIRE SONG for FREE.
    God bless his heart holy shit

  • Kieran Mulroy 9 months ago

    3:07:36 You're welcome.

  • Cristopher Matos 9 months ago

    Disclosure feel me alive!!! We love you guys!! Keep the magic of this new era❤️❤️

  • bachtilyoudrop 9 months ago

    49:34 – I like the concept of "expensive chords." Creatives often talk about when someone "writes a check they can't cash." I think that's along the same line: you use that chord, you've gotta account for it, and you can't put too many of them in without things going bonkers. That's almost Adam Neely levels of terminology, a bit like an "extra spicy" chord.
    36:00 – this is why these guys are a top group to me, they actually care about the chords, where most groups that are remotely popular just kinda phone them in.
    29:50 – Jacob Collier! Now that would be a heck of a collab.

  • Jyron Bailey's music 9 months ago

    They is incredibly awsome!!!😁

  • KCB -Y 9 months ago


  • Maria G 9 months ago

    This makes me love more your music! Can't wait for the new album!

  • Angel Padron 9 months ago

    Ugh they are not only so freaking talented, but also soooo handsome! 😍😍

  • daily lgx 9 months ago

    what do you guys think is the biggest gem from this stream?

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