Disclosure FIRST TWITCH STREAM EVER!! (Production Tutorial)

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  • Parcero Gringo 3 weeks ago

    Almost a year already. Best thing I found during the pandemic

  • Zqott 3 weeks ago

    41:36 Guy's TAL U-No-LX starter preset

  • Zqott 3 weeks ago

    38:42 Guy's go-to effects!

  • ralphstefanmuller 3 weeks ago

    Love your videos !!!!!

  • Winterlogical 3 weeks ago

    I'm relatively new to music production, happen to be a logic user myself. This is the best and most helpful session I've ever seen. Just watching how someone does it, what tools they do, how you're so efficient and making moves with purpose – it's seriously the best. Better than any course or masterclass I've bought. Disclosure may never see this but I really do want to express my heartfelt thanks to them for showing us how they create music.

  • timmytheturtle251 3 weeks ago

    I love you guysssss! I’m learning how to use Logic and make music because of you guys

  • PYZER 3 weeks ago

    We are so lucky to have access to this professional knowledge from an actual top artist/producer! Amazing stuff!

  • jask uu 3 weeks ago

    Thank you so much! Twitch Chat lol 🙂

  • super duper 3 weeks ago

    1:05 Intro
    7:40 Desk Tour
    13:05 Logic Template Breakdown
    35:40 Sidechain Explanation
    46:00 Start of Beat Making

  • Kyles Vacations 3 weeks ago

    That looks so great. I love your music. Decades ago I was musician. Now no. But you make it look so easy. I wish I could to the same with Travel and fx someday. I have a channel and I am just learning too. Best of luck and I will always be a fan. Love and Peace.

  • mrcuddlesfolife017 3 weeks ago

    Are they using a usb c hub, or a thunderbolt 3 hub? I know the 16 inch macbook only has 4 thunderbolt 3 ports. Currently searching for a hub for my macbook 16 inch

  • Nigel Green 3 weeks ago

    Please put this sexopolis edit out

  • joit dust 3 weeks ago

    so fucking interesting!

  • DJ SISU AKA DOCTOR FATE 3 weeks ago

    Name track????

  • DJ SISU AKA DOCTOR FATE 3 weeks ago


  • Таисия K 3 weeks ago


  • Alan Maxwell 3 weeks ago

    So very fast and confident, no messing about.

  • Lonz Cityy 3 weeks ago

    okay i been waiting years for this 😩🙏🏾

  • Lynn M KUSA BA 3 weeks ago


  • Lynn M KUSA BA 3 weeks ago

    You rock! Thank you ☺️

  • 김똘똘 3 weeks ago

    I really respect Guy and Howard's mind. Thank you for this class!

  • Dylan 3 weeks ago

    Guy is a real guy’s guy.

  • Camila Duffo 3 weeks ago


  • HaXeXD 3 weeks ago


  • Jean Dzong 3 weeks ago


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