Disclosure – F For You Breakdown (Twitch Production Tutorial)

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  • Boons 1 year ago

    anyone know what they are using to hold that Novation Bass station 2 synth?

  • jessin rodenburg 1 year ago

    Howard singing as a character is actually quite perfect, as he played the fool.
    Edit: "I just did a duet with Mary J. Blige" -gold

  • Jiawen 1 year ago

    appreciate all your streams ❤️❤️

  • Abe Emerson 1 year ago

    Ok, I was already addicted to the music (since "Boss") but now I'm addicted to these streams! Think imma start producing like I should've done 25 years ago. Thanks fellas! SO many beach memories at 3am with big speakers blasting your music!

  • James Pearce 1 year ago

    Goes to show, songwriting and vibe is more important than gear, must stop buying gear 😅

  • OJ Takpimivbiomo 1 year ago

    Inspiration!!! Thank you for this vid!

  • damar _U 0_ angki 1 year ago

    Nati code 1
    Area code 318
    Straigh T 18774302355
    Stree F draf in disclosure
    -Damar AI Angki

  • damar _U 0_ angki 1 year ago

    Dis r qui arcad app-lik hit her from gil scot-heron fl studio n code-blok

  • ShadikTV 1 year ago

    How much RAM on that computer?

  • Rafi 1 year ago

    Ngl that part where Howard and Guy were going on about cracking Logic 8 got me in tears 😂

  • Pearse MacIntyre 1 year ago

    These guys are the best

  • Ramiro 1 year ago

    My favorite one!

  • Mr Shemzy 1 year ago

    So interesting hearing the song just as a mix and not the big weighty master. Super useful.

  • Jazz Zuu 1 year ago

    Do a breakdown for latch

  • linkboulvert 1 year ago

    I laughed, i learned… could I wish for more ? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Your lives are really precious ! Thank you for sharing ! 🙏

  • matías ahumada 1 year ago

    what DAW is that?

  • SambaPrince 1 year ago

    Is there one of these for latch?

  • Kane Newman 1 year ago

    Latch breakdown lads?!

  • cassiemerca 1 year ago


  • Anthony Pierre 1 year ago

    Voices breakdown???

  • Jarod David 1 year ago

    How do you sidechain synths to a vocal (12:02)? I use FL Studio

  • IC Records 1 year ago

    cheers, really interesting stuff

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