Designing Panels for Twitch Using Affinity Designer! (Advanced Tutorial)

Wanna make your own panels? Here’s how you can do it using Affinity Designer!


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  • bZa 1 year ago

    Damn Sam so good… I'm copying this design for my channel.. 😂

  • Satvik 1 year ago

    Which is better hand drawn or illustrated

  • BeastDirtrider 1 year ago

    Sam you are the man!

  • Wrong channel 1 year ago

    Underrated you tuber

  • ShooterMcGaven4 1 year ago

    Really amazing content. Love your channel! Thank you so much

  • Grizzley_245 1 year ago

    Where did the texture come from? How do you get one? 🤔

  • JBUDDTV 1 year ago

    Hey Sam, Great Video! Can you do a tutorial on how you made your avatar? I wanna attempt to redo mine. I originally had someone on fiver do it but want to be able to customize it more

  • ninuh 1 year ago

    any recommendations on where to get decent textures?

  • Jacob Lindsey 1 year ago

    This is awesome Sam, thanks!

    Are any of these softwares free to use? I'm just starting out and can't afford the Adobe Suite

  • Saika 1 year ago

    Deleted it cause I feel your perspective as a content creator and a professional. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  • Jesse Seymour 1 year ago

    You make this look way too easy.

  • Daan van Lieshout 1 year ago

    Hey sam, please upload more video's if you can cause i really like them and i learned much about it

  • Gunnas 1 year ago

    imma be honest, i appreciate the content u do make Sam. I really wanna make my stream as professional as i can by myself, and it's hard to find some of the topics u made, so i really appreciate it my guy!

  • Philip 1 year ago

    Thanks for these videos, they've helped me so much. I love how clean your webcam on twitch is too, how d'you fade your stream labels (subs/bits/dono's) in and out like that?

  • Onyxx 1 year ago

    Might remember me from stream or not . but can u do a brief tutorial with divinci software .Because i dont have a apple pc or some tin. Help Windows tooo<LoL>

  • AbsoLewdly Gen 1 year ago

    Great Video Sam! Thanks for the great advice as usual. Love that you added the clip at the end of Cold Brew LOL!

  • odduckOasis 1 year ago

    I redid my panels little while ago, but they still don't look that great… I think I was a little at a loss at how to make them look interesting/good since a lot of ppl don't seem to consider panels as important- but I agree, they def are. Thx for the info and a little more insight on how Affinity works <3

  • AbyssalGames 1 year ago

    It works for me until I reach the copy/paste style part.

  • LUVGO 1 year ago

    Sam if you click on the object at the top it has buttons to flip and etc

  • BenjiDWJ 1 year ago

    A really cool video & tutorial Sam 😁 👍

    Cheers! 🍻

  • Marvelist _ 1 year ago


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