Coloring SPIDEY & BLACK CAT! Pre-recorded Twitch stream – a Photoshop comic coloring tutorial!

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In this video, you’ll see me color this Spidey / Black Cat pinup by Joe Mulvey. Just for fun. 🙂

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  • J Oberle 4 years ago

    Great video. Thank you for posting. I really appreciate your page and am a subscriber. Do you use a mouse or a stylus when you work?

  • Tony Guara 4 years ago

    What is your name on twitch?

  • Keeper 4 years ago

    1:00:22 I set Shift+F5 and Shift+F7 for expanding and contracting my selection. No action, cuz I don't always know what range I'm gonna use.

  • Ben Jones 4 years ago

    ok one thing i noticed that im not getting. at 9:00 or so you made your selection shrink to the area to avoid coloring on an unwanted area. Thats whats been getting me since I use a selection cut a grad technique i need specific areas selected so im forced to be very careful in my selections

  • Roberto Zaghi 4 years ago

    Hi there thanks for sharing, I dig your channel! One question – what's the difference between the levels stored in your "Flats" and "Big flats" groups? Thanks!

  • Makoto Kazuki 4 years ago

    Every time I use the lasso tool(This is in Clip Studio Paint not sure if you would know but hopefully you do!) and try to color it expands beyond the selected areas and is becoming frustrating as can be…

    I can't figure out what to do and there's no tutorial on YouTube for it…

  • Alberto Medrano 4 years ago

    Amazing video, thank you so much!!

  • pinfarmer 4 years ago

    Some fellow students in animation school back in the day dropped out to color comics. I wish now so many years later I followed suit. Thanks for these videos. They have motivated me to colour my art.


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