Change Your Twitch Profile Picture on Your Phone – Twitch Mobile App Tutorial

How to change you Twitch profile picture on your mobile phone. In this tutorial, I show you how to change your profile picture on Twitch. Changing your Twitch profile picture in the Twitch app is not possible so I’ll show you how to do it in your mobile browser.

Your Twitch profile picture is useful for creating a Twitch brand and making your Twitch channel easy to recognize. Your profile picture is really easy to modify and can be changed in less than a minute on your phone or tablet. Please leave a comment if you have any questions while changing your Twitch profile picture.

This tutorial works on all mobile devices including tablets, iOS iPhone, Android, Fire tablets, iPad, Samsung, Pixel, Moto and many more.

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Follow the steps below to change your Twitch profile picture on your phone:
1. Go to in your mobile browser
2. If the Twitch mobile site loads open the desktop version of Twitch by selecting the 3 vertical dots and selecting Swtich to Desktop Mode.
3. Once the desktop version of Twitch has opened, in the top right area next to your profile picture, select the arrow pointing down to reveal the Twitch menu
4. In the Twitch menu select Settings
5. Once in the Twitch settings, find and select Update under profile Picture
6. Once the Edit Profile Picture menu opens select Upload a Photo
7. Select your desired profile picture on your phone or take a picture with your phone’s camera
8. Once you have selected the image for your profile picture, select Upload on the Edit Profile Picture menu
9. You have now changed your Twitch Profile Picture on your phone.

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