Best OBS Studio Settings, Part 1 – Bitrate, Twitch Server, and Stream Key | Tutorial 4/13

Learn the best settings for OBS Studio and Twitch. We cover options such as how to select a proper bitrate, which Twitch server you should choose, and how to get your stream key.

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Hey everyone in this video we’re going to talk about the best settings that you can set up, in OBS Studio. Now, The first thing that I want to mention is that settings will vary from person to person – but I’ll guide you through how to make the right choices for your stream. Before we start I want to mention that I will be explaining steps to follow in detail, and while it might seem a bit tedious at first, I promise that it will save you a lot of headache in the future.

With OBS Studio open let’s hit the ‘settings’ button. The first thing we’re going to look at is the general tab. Here, we can choose our default language as well as pick a light or dark theme. I personally prefer the dark theme, but choose what you like. Next, the “Show confirmation dialog” check boxes will give you a pop up box when you decide to hit start or stop stream. If you’re concerned about accidently going live or stopping your stream prematurely, then select these boxes. Let’s hit apply and move on.

The stream tab is where we’ll need to make a few important decisions. First, we will notice the ‘Services’ selection is defaulted to Twitch. However, you can see a list of other platforms we can stream to with OBS studio. One of the more important options in the settings is selecting the proper Twitch server. If you’d like, you can select the server that is closest to you. But, I recommend downloading a tool that we can use to get the best results.

The Twitch Bandwidth Test Tool is extremely useful. To let you know, I actually misunderstood how to choose the best server in my previous videos. The best option is not always the closest server to you, which is why I use this program. We will use this to determine our best server, as well as what bitrate to use in a little bit. The link for download is in the description below. If you’re uncomfortable downloading any tools, I’ll describe another way to determine bitrate later in this video. Once the tool is downloaded, you’ll need to extract it with a program like WinRar. I actually leave mine on my desktop, but you can put it wherever you’d like.

Once we run the test tool we’ll see a couple of options. First, we need to acquire our stream key. Click the “Get Key” link and it will open your Twitch Dashboard if you’re already logged in. If not log in. If you’re not using the test tool, you can get to the Twitch Dashboard by going to and logging in. Make sure you’re on the Stream Key tab and click “Show Key”. You’ll get a warning that tells you to not share this key with anyone. Raed through it and click “I Understand”. After that you’ll see your key, as well as a link that allows us to reset our key if we accidently show ours somehow. Copy your key and go back to the Test Tool and paste it into the Stream Key box. Next, the test duraction option will allow us to choose a time to test for. You can leave it on automatic, which does about 10 seconds of testing per server, but if you have the time, it’s better to let it run longer, to give you a more accurate results. Finally, select the region you’d like to test – I’m going to only check the United States.

Now, just hit start and go grab a snack or maybe even take a nap. But, once the test is done you’ll see some numbers for each server. We want to choose the server with the highest bandwidth with a quality above 80. The RTT time represents the latency to the server, but isn’t the most important factor. The test caps the speed at 10,000kbs, but we’ll discuss that in a bit, make sure to leave this tool open. Based on my results, I’m going to tab back to OBS and choose the Dallas, TX server. If you’re not using the test tool, then it’s typically best to choose the server closest to you – but again, the tool will give you the best results. I’m also going to paste my stream key into OBS since I still have it copied to my clipboard. But if you don’t have yours copied anymore, go back to to get your key and enter it here. Hit apply and let’s check out the next tab.



  1. Hello,
    I recently started to stream some games and when I start streming on obs studio my game start laging, it it's getting very laggy (I mean the fps are very poor). but when i stopt streming , my game play smootht no problme at all, but problme is when i am start streming

    My specs :i5 4590 8GB RAM @ 1600mhz Geforce GTX 970 – Internet speed :up 8 mbps / down 10mbps

    My OBS studio settings :
    Use CBR
    Enable CBR padding
    Max bitrate 2500
    Audio 128/48 khz
    Base resolution : custom 1920×1080
    Resolution downscale : 1.5 (1280×720)
    Filter : Bilinear
    FPS : 30
    Disable aero : Yes
    Use multithreaded optimizations : Yes (Normal)
    X264 CPU preset : Veryfast
    Keyframe interval seconds : 2

    help me plzz

  2. Hey, just started watching these videos because i had trouble my OBS studios as it always crashes when i stream on twitch, I can never stream for a consistent 2 hours plus without it crashing. Can that be because of my settings? or is that because of my PC? I have a high end PC for streaming anyways. Thnx

  3. Hello! On the team liquid test thing my ms for Stockholm, Sweden is 16 but it says that it failed with every bandwidth here is euroupe so i dont know what to do, what does even bandwidth mean? My internet is 100down and 10up so should i go for Stockholm?

  4. I had Twitch Test running for 3 minutes each, and I have highest speed for a Sweden server, it is 5500 Kbps. I decided to be conservative and chose 3000 kbps bitrate. After that I STILL get frame losses (around 1%). Do you know how can it be fixed?

  5. Question what if you do a longer test what sort of quality bench mark are you looking? I ran test at long short and then maxed out at the 5 minute test. At 5 minutes everything came back at 0 quality with varying degrees of bandwith at the long and short test Central Texas- Dallas and US East Chicago came back as my best options which is just mind boggling since I live in Tampa Florida you would think that Miami would come back as my best option but at the long option it came back with a quality of 0. So from what I gather here I should be using either Dallas or Chicago? they are both very close together with Chicago coming out slightly ahead in most cases it seems.

  6. I've streamed a few times now and the quality is good up until it simply fails to stream anymore. The video from OBS simply freezes and my viewers can't see/hear me anymore and I have to close the program and start it up again. This happens every 10-30 minutes at random points in my streaming. Sometimes when I'm doing nothing at all. Is there any way to tell what's going on?

  7. Hey NerdOrDie, when I did the Twitch Bandwidth Test I got failed for all the servers. I have like 4mb upload speed usually. I live in the United States. What does that mean? Also what can I do?

  8. argentina 10000+ kbps 38ms 99quality
    rio de janeiro 10000+kbps 12ms 72quality
    sao paulo 9652+kbps 9ms 60quality

    which one should i choose? argentina because quality is higher?
    sao paulo is the nearest by the way

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