Basics on How to Use Twitch (as a viewer)

This video teaches you all how to use Twitch as a viewer. I know a lot of you are confused on how to watch and follow people, so here you are. HOPE THIS HELPS!

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  • Nate10 1 year ago

    YouTube has clips now ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Eva Hurley 1 year ago


  • veganath 1 year ago

    Newbie here, the twitch user I'm following, the only one, requests newbies to view his BIO and follow a link in it. Where do I find the BIO, (I assume it means Biography) while watch the live stream? Thanks

  • cynthia linder 1 year ago

    2:24 you say that it always look like yours when you go to channel but it doesnt mine doesnts show the taskbar with my channel and then video clips collections events following and followers

  • zartex krontaculys 1 year ago

    Okay- but this doesn't help me if I want to find a specific stream from the past?

  • Maytag haa 1 year ago

    For you email, do you use your personal or did you make one just for twitch ?

  • 1stone1 โถ 1 year ago

    I feel dumb probably because im dumb and i said that because im dumb and i said that again because im dumb im dumb i said that again because im dumb im dumb i know im dumb i said that because im dumb pls help im dumb im dumb i said that because im dumb pls help im dumb

  • Daniel Rus 1 year ago

    Only one question, what's the name and artist of the opening song?

  • Dark Duck 1 year ago

    Awesome video

  • banana bones 1 year ago

    Twitch suck

  • jboca1973 1 year ago

    Thanks this was helpful

  • Bullies Don't Care 1 year ago

    the bar where u have clips and vids and followers and stuff how do u make it appear? i know i just made one today but i am supposed to have one as well right?

  • The brodog 1 year ago


  • Rayshawn Ledet 1 year ago

    Thank you!

  • Lord Dragon 1 year ago

    Do you know how i can watch people's old livestream, for example im on mobile when i scroll up for the oldest live streams, its stops at 1 month, do you know how you can watch "vods" older then that ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Problem on mobile

  • cloudy sky 1 year ago

    When I'm watching a stream it will pop up in the chat that someone is gifting some subs, is there any way I can take/claim one of those subs?

  • Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea 1 year ago

    New stuff makes me feel like a boomer. Lol thanks

  • Amy Clark 1 year ago

    Whatโ€™s the difference between follow and subscribe?

  • DEZUUL RSG 1 year ago

    Hello my name is Dezuul !

    Just started on Twitch TV & I'm asking for your help to get affiliated!

    Me and my squad are playing games like Rocket League, Stardew Valley & Rogue Company

  • Eion Alexander Apigo 1 year ago

    Do you need money to use twitch?

  • Imani Nieves 1 year ago

    I admire your knowledge on this tech keep doing what you love

  • Toast Fairy 1 year ago

    Thx 4 the tutorial

  • Review Raiders 1 year ago

    Hey how do you use twitch

  • Bdjdnkx Bdmdnjco 1 year ago

    go live plz

  • JAR JR 1 year ago

    This is great for people who haven't used twitch before

  • Bdjdnkx Bdmdnjco 1 year ago

    Bbelle go live just got twitch

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