A huge emote tutorial on how I make my emotes! I’m using CSP for this but these should be do-able in any other program if you tweak the process to fit.

CSP selection tool/fill tool tutorial:

Emote test site:

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  • Baban Illustration 1 year ago

    Just dropping in to say that this is not a tutorial on how to replicate my emotes. If I see anyone copying or having someone else copy my emotes directly I will report you. Please let me know if you see anyone doing this with any of my emotes. Sad I have to come out and say this but I'm getting pretty sick of seeing it. Please work on your own style or commission someone else in their own style if I'm not available. I work on more than just emotes.

  • Ava Rabiei 1 year ago

    how did you copy the 800×800 layer to the other layer?? in around 6:34

  • MarT Tiztik 1 year ago

    How about on Facebook stickers? 240, 32, & 16? What size do u recommend?

  • Carleana 1 year ago

    Thank you for sharing this! You've made adding a border to the lineart a lot easier C:

  • Laeythh __ 1 year ago

    Hi, what’s the size of the file where you draw in it ? Where you put all your little white boxes ? πŸ™‚ as large as we want ?

  • rykitsu 1 year ago

    I've been doing emotes for a hot minute and tried your initial canvas set up and it has saved me SO MUCH TIME while working on emotes. You're the best for sharing your process <3

  • Studio Vulcan 1 year ago

    While your style is on another level and these tips are great to a degree, this much detail in a 28 x 28 image just doesn't work. I noticed when you tested the emotes at the end, you kept it to a minimum of 140% view in the chat previewer. There's a reason, 100% is very difficult to understand.
    While the art is amazing and something I'm very envious of, they fail as emotes. I wish twitch would increase the base size of chat and the emotes, but sadly, they don't want to.

  • KatieePandaa 1 year ago

    Larder affect is in photoshop layer settings and in Sai if you expand clipping area

  • IvyTheArtist 1 year ago

    i followed you link for the test site and the webpabe said it changed…. this is the new website

  • Pauline 1 year ago

    I'm a tad confused. You say it's 122×122 px. Everywhere else says 112x112px. Was there a change this year?

  • KazeTheForsaken 1 year ago

    This's just in!
    That thumbnail looks like Egoraptor style!

  • Jess ! 1 year ago

    Just so everyone knows πŸ™‚
    -> "The URL '' will be deprecated on October 1st, 2020.

    – If a tutorial has linked you here, please inform the author over the URL change.

    – If you came from a bookmark, please update it now.

    – There will be no further updates on this URL from us. If this page changes after October 1st, another person who is not associated with us will have taken ownership of it.

    Our new page can be found by searching for 'Inspect Twitch-Elements', or directly at"

  • Jess ! 1 year ago

    You literally saved my ass lol, THANKS

  • Xonix Striker 1 year ago

    Been havin a problem if anyone could help in clip studio – when I resize I find pixels bleed through the lines that weren't there before. Instead of everything clean its as if they're being displaced. I can go back and fix it manually but that takes so long

  • Mae Adao 1 year ago

    The Emote Test site was removed on Oct 1st 2020

  • Mystique Vue 1 year ago

    GIRL you doing gods work

  • Logo Bagus 1 year ago

    good content friend

  • RinaDanae 1 year ago

    is anyone else having issues finding twitch contrast?

  • 0shawhat 1 year ago

    Hey if anyone is testing the emotes they changed their website (literally today oml) here's the new linky!

  • DRCsyntax 1 year ago

    I've watched this video 3 times…and on the fourth, I'm just now seeing that face flash at the beginning

  • Jennifer Porras 1 year ago

    I got the clipping part, but decided to stop there since my lines weren't looking good. I'm trying my best to understand the transferring of the white square between files for the sake of smoother lines.. and then 800×800 canvas size, but zoom to 100%, also work on 122×122.. and it's still looking pixelated for me.. and I just… I am confusion.

    I understand that the new canvas size is 800×800 to house all the squares you'd need. The squares for twitch are 122×122. Are you moving a 122×122 to a 800×800 file and that's why it looks crisp at 100%? I definitely got lost there. I want to enjoy the rest of the video since your art style caught my eye, but I can't get past this part :[

  • chrispysaid 1 year ago

    If you hold shift while you're dragging a layer, it will constrain it to a single axis. Save yourself some time when you're making your grid.

  • S H I B A Y A 1 year ago

    Ive seen so many tutorials about making emotes and one thing is pissing me off. All these youtubers that make these tutorials never put a template that you can download in the discription. WHY is it so hard letting people download your template. Why is every single youtuber like this. What are you losing by letting people download a template. I dont get it.

  • Kenny Ma 1 year ago

    Is there a reason why the screen is cropped? Kinda hard to follow along imo. he he

  • Crystal Wolf 1 year ago

    I'm really struggling on following this. Can you do a video dumming how to get the blocks smaller in the new canvas. Only if you have time though. I love your emotes btw they're adorable

  • Selina 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for this, i really learnt a lot from you πŸ™‚

  • G Macarty 1 year ago

    Nice tutorial, thank you so much ma dear

  • Gabaroni N Cheese 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for this video! I've been looking for one like this for so long and you explained everything perfectly! Thank you thank you thank you

  • MeltingHusky 1 year ago

    hey there! thank you so much for making this <3 may i ask what canvas size you're using whilst you're drawing on the emote templates? is it 10000 x 10000?

  • NeKrowmancer 1 year ago

    Are these done on a raster layer? or vector? how do they look so clean when zoomed out and small? everything I am doing is pixelated into an unreadable mess when small. Would love to see a tutorial on the brush set up and settings used when drawing.

  • Starsdabae 1 year ago

    I dont understand. u copy layer and bring into what folder???? whic is the 800 folder? what was the size of the white layer

  • Starsdabae 1 year ago

    also not clear how the images look small n clean lines

  • Starsdabae 1 year ago

    what about if you made your res 300 dpi? how u resize n keep quality

  • Rachel 1 year ago

    This is exactly what I've been looking for, so helpful! Thank you so much!

  • Daria S 1 year ago

    Hi, pls tell me what is your main resolution where you paste it, this blocks 800px? <3

  • DuskLynx 1 year ago

    How big is the canvas that the grid is on? I know the squares are 800 x 800, but I am talking about the page/canvas? (idk how to word this)

  • Thor Knudsen 1 year ago

    Would you be able to share your brushes that you've used in this video? πŸ™‚

  • Congee Chan 1 year ago

    big thanks to this tutorial ^_^

  • ButterflyEfact 1 year ago

    mines still blurry πŸ™ do the blocks needs to be 112px oder 800px?

  • sPOOK 1 year ago

    This was super helpful!! I was wondering what size is the canvas where the lineart takes place?

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