AnkhBot for Twitch – Tutorial

I haven’t seen many tutorials on how to use the excellent Ankh Bot, so I thought I would create my own tutorial and try to help new users understand the settings and features that this bot has to offer. This is my first tutorial video so please excuse any nerves.

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  • girlattack08 5 years ago

    Is there a command that will link to the streamers youtube channel?

  • Dale Smith 5 years ago

    Love the tutorial even though it's old it still helped. Question, how do you do the ranking?

  • NACHT FALKE 5 years ago

    Beautiful bot as shown in your video.
    But I miss some extra option in currency.
    1) someone my channel host gets coins.
    so get
    2) A doantie get coins.
    3) Viewer which sent a post card or suit, letter by post and received. Get coins.
    For example, a streaming is more active, in front of the viewers. This is what I miss.

    At giveaway I'd miss a price.
    My idea is a Wheel of Fortune see image

    AnkhBot I'm going to test out, So far my favorite.
    The duration moobot, deepbot ect all vultures money.
    I hope to start streaming the end of summer 2017 with new gaming PC.
    And with AnkhBot. Nightbot, revlo bot
    I hope AnkhBot update makes my option if I have here mentioned above.
    This I would like to see in this AnkhBot.

    Thanks for your video, gladdening Christmas 2016 and wished well in 2017.
    for viewers and yourself. greetings from Netherlands.
    Dutch translates English by Google.

    😉 It like more Chinese than English

  • Beau Briggs 5 years ago

    will this work if im streaming from my console but I have my stream with the chat on the laptop?

  • Robloxian ZeckJ 5 years ago

    For the giveaway system how do i make it so that it takes away points per entry? Also is this phone compatible?

  • FigureFour13 5 years ago

    Twitch is telling me that I can't create an account at this time…

  • AnDo ReAPeR 5 years ago

    how do you get an oauth token?? ive googled it and found a generator but it always pops up saying the token is invalid

  • Tokotoko Bunni 5 years ago

    Thank you, this is great!

  • Live The Truth 5 years ago

    Can you somehow connect to someones channel where you are editor on?

  • ThatOneCh1ck TV 5 years ago

    Great Video, and really helpful for beginner streamers! Thanks!

  • ESHABAMBOO 5 years ago

    Is this available to Mac users as well?

  • Ahmad Al-homaid 5 years ago

    Can i connect my bot to any other channel, not mine?? Cause i made a game

  • sees2008 5 years ago

    thank you for the very helpful and detailed explanations. i wasnt sure about this bot but now i am going to try it out

  • Jakobín Tv 5 years ago

    diky tve rady pomohy

  • nicK K_R4iD 5 years ago

    I install the exe though when I try to start it. Nothing happens. Nothing pops up no windows appear. nothing. Halp !

  • PapaNickFresh 5 years ago

    Dude, this was SOOOO helpful. Best tutorial out there. Thanks.

  • Chaotic Couple's Gaming 5 years ago

    Thanks for the informative video, and I'm sorry if this is a repeat question, but is there specific way to add ahnkbot into you stream other than "/mod ahnkbot" so that is shows up? Thanks.

  • Realm of the Gods Hardcore Wrestling 5 years ago

    That was a pretty easy to follow and very informational video. I can't wait to try this bot because really I'm not a huge fan of having tons of bots in my stream. Thanks Gfox_ 1

  • RockOn One 5 years ago

    I didn't know anything about this, thank you for the explanation.

  • Esther Landaluce 5 years ago

    Hi!!! Great tutorial 😀 I have one questiong, with this bot, can you add a command like !gamble points?

  • Sam Cox 5 years ago

    can you do a new one with the update and keep up the work

  • Perigrin 5 years ago

    Good Job Thankyou Buddy

  • TakoGAME 5 years ago

    heheh Gfux

  • Yvendous 5 years ago

    very useful, thank you

  • everthegent 5 years ago

    hey bud, thankyou so much for this video. very helpful

  • Raven Games 5 years ago

    Great tutorial!

  • Noah Kenny 5 years ago

    can you make a new video on the newest version??

  • Rizgyyh | Trickshotting & Feeding 5 years ago

    I can't join the bot I have made a bot acc and signed into that one but still doesn't work. Plz help

  • yomamasgoldfish 5 years ago

    it sounds like u say g fucks lol hehe

  • starpony 5 years ago

    Great video!!!

  • NikiTheLiger 5 years ago

    Thanks man for this tutorial 🙂 This one was the best tutorial about AnkhBot that i have seen so i had to add your video for my website that may help new streamers. Kudos and keep up the good work! If you wan't to see the article it's here:

  • BLAZIN BLEVINS 5 years ago

    Can you give points for people who request songs?

  • OlejBot 5 years ago

    Nice work

  • Feloxy 5 years ago

    My Stream name is FoxxyPowns any suggestions for a bot? I tried : VixenBot, FoxxyBot, SkulkyBot. But none of them work

  • King Lonne 5 years ago

    Great video, I'm going to be coming back to it for set up.
    Ps. You did really well at explaining how to use it. Grateful for your help :)

  • BunnyPlayssGames 5 years ago

    Hey nice video but I have a problem and dont know how to solve it.
    My Stream, my bot and my google is connected BUT i cant write something into the console , well i can but it wont show up in the stream chat. Yesterday i hadnt even seen viewers now i can see them but i have now a knew problem >.> I even cant see the chat in the console so people are writting but nothing shows up any idea there?


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