AFTER EFFECTS | Twitch Shake Tutorial!

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Joe Hertz – Stay Lost (Cabu Remix)

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  • Abdul Maskar 1 year ago

    When I put in twitch it says Missing:twitch

  • Abdul Maskar 1 year ago

    I've done every single step but when I search for "Twitch" in the right corner it doesnt come up

  • ujungxluv 1 year ago


  • darkusline 1 year ago

    You explain great. Very helpful vid.

  • Riverbell 1 year ago

    For anyone getting a red x when trying to use Twitch;

    Go into plugins
    Make a "Twitch" folder
    Copy and paste the twitch plug-in into the Twitch folder
    Copy and paste the "Twitch_AE.key" file into the Twitch folder

    You guys are receiving a red x because you aren't using the full version of twitch 🙂 enjoy!

    Edit: for anyone still having issues watch this video it should help:

  • no yes 1 year ago

    if you're getting a red x watermark, you have to move the twitch ae key to your plug-ins folder, and then it should work

  • Nico Leigh 1 year ago

    there’s a watermark on it :/

  • Nicole Cúneo 1 year ago

    Does someone know how to get rid of the big red X? 😊😊

  • A G 1 year ago

    How to get it on windows?

  • BRO 1 year ago

    thanks bro god bless u

  • Cute cut pro Tutorials 1 year ago

    How do you place the twitch files into it?

  • atrionic 1 year ago

    can you please show us a way to not have the watermark on it?

  • El Prato 1 year ago

    shit video idiot

  • Funny moments 1 year ago

    what kind of music in the beginning?
    What music 0:05 ?

  • mittingg 1 year ago


  • Harxda Sucks 1 year ago

    Thanks it worked no watermark or anything. If you are having problems with the water mark just ask and I’ll see if I can help

  • wuv 1 year ago

    my twitch doesn’t come in a folder it just comes as a rar file. What should I do?

  • Obese 1 year ago

    This is my second tutorial from u I actually really ejnoy watching ur tutorials 😀 Thanks 😀

  • juli anna 1 year ago

    my twitch gave me a red x

  • nerox. 1 year ago


  • Sarah A 1 year ago

    Best tutorial 4 twitch💓💓💓this really helped thanks a lot

  • q 1 year ago

    Thanks for the video but please make some space between the text next time, it hurts to read it lmao

  • cam 1 year ago

    Why the fuck is there a watermark

  • Jlr9000 1 year ago

    Twitch doesn't even open in my after effects. What am I doing wrong? I have CC 7 just like yours so it should work but I get errors?????

  • Angelica 1 year ago

    great now i cant open after effects

  • ZickZenni 1 year ago

    What Video did you edit? Video Link pls?

  • Miaz A Meme 1 year ago

    and it has a website.


  • what is life 1 year ago

    when i download the twitch it has a folder that say presets and there is a plug in. every time i put it in ae i get the folder and theres no shake, how can i get that?

  • Hannah s 1 year ago

    that download link has a big red X on my adjustment layer wtf

  • Naufal Gusti Putra 1 year ago

    Into what folder now? help?? 🙁

  • zxbielskxs 1 year ago

    so im only getting twitch.rar, i cant seem to get a folder ._.

  • whale 1 year ago

    no its not like that lmao there are two shakes and it is not even a little like yours

  • SiD0GE__ 1 year ago

    i was happy until i saw the fucking watermark …

  • 2wenty 7even Beats 1 year ago

    Is twitch a plugin or it comes with after effects?

  • l c 1 year ago

    does this work on pictures as well? cos i tried but the screen was all black

  • d s 1 year ago


  • MrFelix 1 year ago

    can you make preset? because I can not get such twitch

  • Travis Cesar 1 year ago


  • xNestorArtz 1 year ago

    Sony Vegas Plisz

  • KENNY 1 year ago

    7w7 hola wo enserio me encanta como editas woo <3

  • death 1 year ago

    Song you used for the edit?

  • ouleye Ouattara 1 year ago

    How do you post edits on your instagram? Xx

  • Eduardo エドゥ 1 year ago

    project file xd

  • thats the tea sis 1 year ago

    Do you have it for mac??

  • Logan Dees 1 year ago

    Why did you put a watermark on it 🙄

  • Hal Apple 1 year ago

    hi i discovered your channel few days ago very good job your style is so direct i would like discover with you "moving frames montage" best regards

  • junquk 1 year ago

    Same my twitch has a website on it, is there anyway to get it out?

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