After Effects Tutorial – How To Use Twitch

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  • AvengeJake 4 years ago

    anytime i use the effect as a preset or manual, the effect does not stick to the keyframe it starts from the start and not where i want it to?

  • Max Designs 4 years ago

    screen goes black and then it says RAM Preview: Ram needs 2 or more frames to play back.. I need help

  • Eric 4 years ago


  • Takudzwa Dakwa 4 years ago

    I select Twitch and drop it in the project am working on and then this big red X crossing out my whole entire project with the website from which i downloaded fom pops up the effect works but this X and the site is buggin me havent rendered my project yet but could it be of any effect in my finished project …….am worried naahhhh


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