After Effects AMV Tutorial – Shakes (S_Shake, Twitch, and NO PLUGINS version)

Shakes can strengthen the impact of scene changes and keep the momentum of the video going. Use them sparingly and the results can be really clean. You can get the project file and presets used in this video using the link below.

Intro by Nicole

Project File + Presets

Reynard (Arie) Criton (w1cked)
phantastic iero

Discord Server…

hateful – friends

Attack on Titan


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  • transporter255 7 months ago

    How do you make your shakes bounce out slowly?

  • daria 7 months ago

    hey, i've made a really nice shake with twitch but i can't make it a preset. Every time i save it as a preset, the settings disappear and change back to the normal twitch ones. That's really annoying. The same thing happens when i try to copy the shake from one clip onto another. Any ideas how i can fix that? Thanks 🙂

  • •Ranov• 7 months ago

    Teach Edgy shakes.Like what IG editors do.Those are cool shakes.Not these

  • ahmed sa 7 months ago

    where did
    u put saphire ????

  • Col2k 7 months ago

    That shift click to get the velocity curve right is a SWEET tip, thanks

  • Col2k 7 months ago

    Hey pretty sweet tut

    I was a little disappointed with the no plugin shake, was hoping we could get it as animated as the plugin version

    dropped a like, still a decent tut for beginner users, but just thought I’d let you know I didn’t get what I wanted from this and maybe we see a more animated no plugin shake in the future

  • transporter255 7 months ago

    I get crossed red lines, how do I remove them?

  • Jcub 7 months ago

    Do you have to manually change your adjustment layer color to white or can you permanently change it

  • Mixure 7 months ago

    Omg thank you so much for telling me how to fix the twitch, I literally wasnt using it because it was randomly shaking at all angles

  • Faith Allison 7 months ago

    ugh none of these worked

  • its my old channel bitch jk 7 months ago

    Whats the mouse pointers name?

  • okishiri 7 months ago

    The only problem I have is that my pc won't render effects on an adjustment layer 🙁

  • swake 7 months ago

    Man, where do u download anime clips ?
    Amazing video btw <3

  • pammi 7 months ago

    the korean really shook me haha, wasn't expecting that :0

  • channie 7 months ago

    Korean ahahahaaah😍

  • Soulnime 7 months ago

    need blur tutorial

  • okaga 7 months ago

    9:59 mmmmm that pisses me off

  • a 7 months ago

    FinAllY No PLugin ShAKe

  • S3F. 7 months ago

    Thx I searched a good shake for so loooong

  • S E N P X I 寂 7 months ago

    Thanks for blessing us with your shake settings, sasuga ace-sama!

  • La_chiantasse 7 months ago


  • ANIME TR 7 months ago


  • shltr 7 months ago

    Position and rotate gang

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