Adobe Photoshop Tutorial: How To Make A Twitch Overlay by @YLLiBzify

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Hello, in this new Photoshop tutorial I will teach you how to make your very own custom Twitch livestream overlay within 30 minutes even as a beginner with little experience!

I go through step by step my process showing you how I create Twitch overlays using layer styles, effects and tools with explanation and tip and tricks throughout.

Once you follow this tutorial save your overlay as a .PNG file with transparency enabled to use on any of your videos via editing or streaming software such as Sony Vegas, After Effects, OBS, Hitbox and popular livestreaming websites such as Twitch, Hitbox, MLG and more!

Download file created in tutorial:
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Video Contains: Step by step video tutorial with commentary explination showing how to make a Twitch video livestream in Photoshop by @YLLiBzify



  • TeamProjects GFX 4 years ago

    Took a very long time but thank you for sharing this video it taught me some very basic but helpful things and helped me achieve to make my new overlay:
    Thanks Dude 😀

  • MrDroonix 4 years ago

    What software have you used to record that video?

  • Andres Hernandez 4 years ago

    yo dude, i followed this vid the whole way through and made myself a very nice, self fitting overlay and i appreciate this. you did me a great service man.

  • Mark 4 years ago

    great tut. good ideas for my own vision!

  • GF HR 4 years ago

    yo, when you download one of your files on your website does it download it as a photoshop cs6 file?

  • David Game 4 years ago

    You, sir, are the real MVP. Thanks a lot. My design isn't even remotely near your level, but I'm glad to have made it myself with your help. Cheers buddy! Subbed, Liked and Fav'd.

  • NeGBurst 4 years ago

    A link for the social media icons would be nice! 🙂

  • David Norman 4 years ago

    so ive made an overlay, but it turns out white and not transparent for the cam. help ples

  • Trollinragegamer 4 years ago

    can youmake one for me????? plz plz

  • Crazy_Leprechaun 4 years ago

    really good video billy dont mind the haters there just trying to be trollls mate

  • AngrySweGamers 4 years ago

    Can you create private JellyFighter YouTube Profile Image to me ?

  • DaBigKilla 4 years ago

    Nice tutorial!! Very informative!

  • YLLiBzify 4 years ago

    What other tutorial do you want to see? Let me know!

  • Sean Graphicx 4 years ago

    Very nice tutorial dude, i like

  • JuanjoMB98 4 years ago



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