53: Live Streaming Tutorial For Musicians Using Twitch and OBS

53: Live Streaming Tutorial For Musicians Using Twitch and OBS

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  • Sean o'neill 1 year ago

    Excellent .
    Thanks. Have you used Street Jelly?

  • Savannah Magruder 1 year ago

    I'm trying to organize a live stream show with multiple performers who are broadcasting from multiple locations, one after the other. Would there be a way to do this, all on one Twitch channel?

  • Liam Killen 1 year ago

    this is the best video explaining how to do this.

  • Siren Williams 1 year ago

    Is it mandatory to use OBS? Isn't there something on my MacBook that I can use that I already have?

  • Mick Ronson 1 year ago

    seems OBS is being used by idiots just to talk at us about the menu options in OBS – why not talk us through how to maximise it?? Hey, I might do a full length video on how to open a door…

  • CrazyD MUSIC 1 year ago

    Is it possible to do the video streaming with a phone meanwhile playing the audio from laptop??

  • Nerd Funk Gangsta 1 year ago

    Good video man

  • Giancarlo Curti 1 year ago

    hey man tks… im a guitarist.. and all i get is the clean sound of my guitar. but im using effects with bias fx, but i cant make the bias fx sound appear on thw stream.. any ideias how to solve this?

  • Eddie Watkins Jr 1 year ago

    Outstanding presentation! Thank you

  • Thy Celtic Cross 1 year ago

    How's this a for "musicians" video? You didn't even go into the most important aspect, that being how to setup and get the AUDIO from your instruments, etc. into OBS and then to Twitch.

  • prodby icon 1 year ago

    I am trying to live stream me making beats in logic pro x but OBS wont pick up any audio and play it back through my stream, any help?

  • Your Band Is A Business 1 year ago

    Have you done any live streaming as a musician? Which platforms do you use?

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