5 Core Twitch Mechanics to get you playing like RAT IRL – League of Legends

5 Pro/Core Twitch Mechanics to get you playing like RAT IRL, or something like that. League of Legends Twitch core mechanics guide
Rat mechanics League of Legends Twitch ADC and Twitch Jungle
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  • KrasserBoy 1 year ago


  • Nesh Production 1 year ago

    How do you auto attack? Are you pressing on right click?

  • Alviiaz 1 year ago

    Hey dude nice video. But can you try to explane me how i can get a point over my champion when i press Y like you have? 🙂

  • lol mom 1 year ago

    ♥️♥️😻thx for this video 😻♥️♥️

  • Oriol Villar 1 year ago


  • l9 dsn 1 year ago

    what is rat mouse settings?

  • подозрительный Jerry 1 year ago

    This isn't r6

  • Holy Lagg 1 year ago

    Have a support top lane who peels for you 🙂 no more info or mechanic needed…

  • MrHaveyouseenmydog 1 year ago


  • SPAGGHETT 1 year ago

    Twitch mechanics is AA and E

  • how_do_aim 1 year ago

    damn that jungle bush lmao

  • Кирил Михайлов 1 year ago

    Thank you for this useful twitch clip.I was playing twitch jungle for soon and i want to know how to be invisible and doing my abilities and u help me.Thank u king

  • Jesús León 1 year ago

    Interesting, but where are the Remote Access Tools? :v you promised RAT! :v

  • Nuker 1 year ago

    N.1 Be Toxic

  • VaedeLive 1 year ago

    These were very basic tips that most people above gold should already know just from playing the game. Not the best video i've seen. Had hoped for some more in depth mechanics

  • Diamond Mike 1 year ago

    nice video!send this this to 1daskalos

  • Soko Moko 1 year ago

    ok but how do you do his spin to win, where he legit auto's like 6 times in less than a second while kiting backwards

  • billgatesfan22 1 year ago

    fuck you loser

  • Tom Van Enst 1 year ago

    Outro song?

  • Sascha Blumenstiel 1 year ago

    Nice Video and cool tips

  • Claire Lovely 1 year ago

    Great tips!

  • I am a Pokerface 1 year ago

    4:26 u could use it for a juke

  • I am a Pokerface 1 year ago

    2:54 perfect timed

  • Perhaps A Pedophile 1 year ago

    1. Be toxic.

  • sasa matic 1 year ago

    What do you use for attack move?

  • Pedro Leal 1 year ago

    Target champions only is something rat irl uses mainly for team fights its insanely hard to use as you can't use attack move with it on you can only auto attack thats the reasoning for rat irl's cursor being so large ingame.

  • Junior Castro 1 year ago

    very usefull

  • tobias zok 1 year ago

    the timeing with the recall that u were talking about is actually not true… u can press the recall button at any time before getting invis…. u dont have to time it correctly at all.. u just need to press ist in before u get invisible…

  • Amine AHMARRAS 1 year ago


  • Miel Baut 1 year ago

    This is a begginer guide dude. Not a rat irl one lmao u prick

  • Matterhorn 1 year ago

    when the shwoo hits

  • Sub-Par King 1 year ago

    that recall trick is just plain nasty, didnt even realise you could do that

  • Toaste R 1 year ago

    U still won’t be as good as rat is

  • Derrick Low 1 year ago


  • MouldyCheesePie 1 year ago

    The Q-back timing isn't precise at all, just press Q then B

  • Dimitris Sgouridis 1 year ago

    Rat IRL is one of the most skilled players

  • de Omnibus Dubitandum est 1 year ago

    That bush to do the red buff in! Knowledge is delicious.

  • 21Kenzo 1 year ago

    good guide for newer players tho ! ☺️

  • Cruel Artist 1 year ago

    After watching this video I got to challenger with 85% win rate

  • jordy laplace-rougé 1 year ago


  • Mario Vega 1 year ago


  • Abstrict 1 year ago

    even i knew most of these tips this is a prety good video ma dude, keep it up

  • Ethelyne 1 year ago

    what a fanboy lol

  • Daniel Plays 1 year ago

    i know some of those like the recall and some other juke and stuff and to be honest i learnt some things

  • TTWhitera 1 year ago

    #1 Cancer the more you have the better you will play

  • Raffael Lessa 1 year ago

    dude i didn't know you could've go back base while invisible as twitch, nice video dude

  • A A A 1 year ago

    Thoughts on the new jg changes for the rat? Can’t really contest scuttle fights lvl 2

  • yahoo911emil 1 year ago

    I'm new to lol how to you attack the dummy with out having ur cursor on it? And ur like moving and attack it at the same time?

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