2021 Guide – How to Customize a TWITCH Channel

How to customize and setup a Twitch channel in 2021 (Banner, avatar, panels, offline image, emotes, etc…
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  • Gamer Gil 12 months ago

    using his link can i use the ones hes made, if im streaming with an elgato?

  • Somedom_ Somechuck 12 months ago

    Extremely informative

  • Rachel D 12 months ago

    Gael – Thank you! This helped ALOT. I'm referring you to all my friends that want to start a channel.
    Much appreciation.

  • Jennie Zell 12 months ago

    Great vid! Someone asked me to design twitch images for them and this was exactly what I needed to see how the offline and banner images appear!

  • À Regarder Après Minuit 12 months ago

    I feel overwhelmed. I'm trying to set up my brand but I don't know where to start. I guess I'll start with your channel Gael, and check out what you made recently on the subject!

  • The Cheeky Geek 12 months ago

    Thank you Gael, this helps alot!

  • Riffuge 12 months ago

    i just started twitch and thuis helped alot

  • Akky_ J 12 months ago

    this was amazing thanks again homie

  • Jennifer Sharp 12 months ago

    This was so helpful! Thank you!

  • Walker29 12 months ago

    Does Owned work for Streamlabs?

  • BleisitoBebelin 12 months ago

    Bro im having an issue, and it is that when I load the banner in, the line of the profile accent color is under the banner, and I can not figure it out, ive tried a lot of measures for the banner, and everytime it stays there

  • JellyMayCry 12 months ago

    isn't own3d a bit expensive? or am I poor?

  • Avenger 12 months ago

    I purchased a overlay on ownd3d and I don’t know how to put it on my twitch channel I’m new at this

  • porixes 12 months ago

    idk why i like the way you explain

  • LNG_AcidCat 12 months ago

    What do I need to do to get that “channel points” option. I cause ur the second person to talk about it hat I’ve watched so far and it’s just kinda there for you guys. It doesn’t show up for me. I only have the “drops” option. And I’m definitely not affiliated with Twitch. I just started using it 2 days ago

  • Avenger 12 months ago

    How do you upload overlays??? I’m new to twitch and streaming

  • CALLME YBEEZA 12 months ago

    how do i place my instagram and stuff on my banner and it says your name how do i edit it

  • SetArk 12 months ago

    Quick question, the New Chatter Announcement is an Affiliate or Partner only?

  • Beauty and the Brief 12 months ago

    I appreciate this video so much. Everything is about graphic design and I’m like “YEAH, BUT WHERE DOES IT ACTUALLY GO!?”

  • drazzr 12 months ago

    This guy helps me w every thing

  • mrbell official 12 months ago

    Bro love from India can you give the project template please

  • Nate Torrescano 12 months ago

    Just watched your video. Big thanks for explaining everything very well. Help me out on my page

  • Lakenxo Gaming 12 months ago

    bro i don't have affiliate cus why?

  • Sam3rTheWeirdude 12 months ago

    Your video helped me sort alot of things on my twitch channel but one thing i'd like to ask you about though….when i try to download one of the overlays nothing happens can you tell me how to exactly download them? i've tried a couple of times and still nothing happens

  • Tiktac_Gaming 12 months ago

    What the vid called where u Change the font on the tabs

  • Salvare 12 months ago

    omg finally I found what I need, thank you so much, newbie here

  • Tiioak 12 months ago

    I wish they would make a way to remove/hide the channel trailer video – I have no desire to create one nor a need for one

  • Nick Wild 12 months ago

    Its very sad your bot account has more followers than me. Lol. Thanks for your videos. Subscribing now.

  • Daniel N 12 months ago

    I downloaded the stream labs prime but I’m trying to export it to twitch

  • kyan blevins 12 months ago

    CAn you do one for mobile

  • Vanessa B. Rieger 12 months ago

    Again, you provided me with the most straight forward comprehensive guide to customizing with the new updated dashboard (which is hella confusing). Thanks for making it easy.

  • qwerty123sc 12 months ago

    Haha, I just got here from one of your older customization tutorials!
    Great content, super helpful, thanks for posting! 🙂

  • SpookySoo 12 months ago

    Thank you for making such informative and fun videos. You've been a great help while I'm getting started! 😀

  • DJ Cruption 12 months ago

    I'm new to Twitch Streaming and this video helped out alot man thanks! and ill be checking out your overlays for sure. Cheers.

  • Vicohol 12 months ago

    I've always wondered where that offline screen was! Thank you so much for showing us 😀

  • Diskutier Dich 12 months ago

    I just set up my twitch channel with your awesome help.. thank u so much… i'll start streaming soon^^

  • GUY FROM AUSTRALIA 12 months ago

    I am not getting the twitch trailer option … plssssss helpp

  • Syco SX 12 months ago

    thank your for making this

  • Rexford Ward 12 months ago

    Thanks Bro for adding this, bc lol…in fact I did go to one of your older videos, and found myself recently getting lost as per your previous instructions, however, glad you are still around making videos for people who need the help brother! Thank You for all that you do, and I continue to stay tuned for all the new content!

  • Małgosia Kubińska 12 months ago

    Me: Watches
    Also me: Does things

    Me: Did something wrong and do not understand

  • Swastik Mhaske 12 months ago

    dude plz make csgo stream overlay plzzzzzzzzzz

  • Shikkadance 12 months ago

    Hi Gael! I tried the add panel thing it has been moved again and I cannot find it. Do you know where it is now please and thanks!

  • Searo303_ 12 months ago

    Im literally just starting and only stream when I find time but youve already helped me so much! Thank you!

  • ShesHenny 12 months ago

    I need help with my twitch stream, my recent categories aren't popping up on my channel and its not giving me a option to put it on my settings .

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